To Ask or to Tell

Far from perfect
So close to home
Tired and weary
Drenched to the bone
Exhausted from trying
Upset from the loss
I give up forever
Just tell me who's boss
Now or never
Just let it be
Run for myself? 
Or run from me?
Work up the courage
To do this right
One shot is all I need
To end it tonight
Senseless words
Hurtful at best-
I swear I won't give up
Swear I won't rest.
Tried of asking how
And when and where-
Tried of trying
To pretend that I care
Why do I try?
When will I fail?
What can I do
To tell my tale?
Tired of asking
The same old things
Who had to die
To make you king?
Just this once
Give me hope
Let me go on
Help me cope
Leave me be
Let me change
I hold the world
Is that so strange?
I have the courage-
Have the strength
I live for the next line-
For you I won't change.
Try and stop me now
I'm never giving in
You can push me down
But I'll stand in the end.
I'm so sick
Of asking why
When I need
To ask why not?


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