Everybody wants to eat in this economy||

The one's at the top want to shine alone like some white supremacist astronomy||

Unconsciously controlling our sub conscious, telling it "Niggers Follow Me!"||

Controlling what you eat!, what you watch!, what you believe in,do you think your god would allow gay's to exist if he hated "Sodomy?!"||

They treating us like bees , so they mind-control the bees for them not to fight while they extract the honey from the colony||

Elevate your chakra so you can be able to synchronize with my mindset while I recite the new age religion's rhapsody||

"Ufck you mean?!! "That's the thought running in your brain as you have limited your mindset||

Now you follow the rules cause you want to be socially acceptable and be called a celeb, without the realization that you slowly losing your inner self ....dang!!!||

Fame ain't a fortune man, you sold your soul to the devil , only for him to store it in a dusty room, on top of useless dusty shelves||

Open your third eye!!||

See the world for what it IS, a place where we don't live but EXIST , with the white SUPREMACIST trying to make the black race EXTINCT ,while taking over Africa with their deceitful lies ||

They used up all their resources as they wanted to be superior and shine||

We used our brains, our survival instinct told us to treat our resources like shrines||

Now they want to bully us for our resources, I hope I'll still be alive when we finally get the courage to fight||

So open your eyes, they basically control your life!!!!, get your armor ready men and lets stand up for whats ours, let's all unite!|

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Our world
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