Augmentation Unnecessary

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 15:42 -- Stazia


Just two weeks ago

I taped my phone to the mirror

(What a great use of an engineering education).

Conducted my own photoshoot, no makeup,

wearing a baggy grey sweatshirt.

“Unfiltered,” I called it.


I looked good.

Plain, yes. Young, yes.

Some blush and contour lines would work such wonders.


But look there a smile;

did you know it’s a little crooked?

And one of my eyes opens a bit more than the other.

Aren’t they charming, cute, distinguishing,

those little as-made imperfections,

I couldn’t see them in profile.


Character’s the thing.

Expression: eyes crinkling in real engagement,

laughing with abandon, caught in the movement of dance


One begets the other.

filtered personality, uniqueness

dull without makeup and “chrome” or “fade” or “noir”

But a self unfiltered, honest and real, needs no aid

in appearing beautiful and interesting.


Unfiltered, I’m fascinating, deep, exciting. Augmentation unnecessary.

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