Aware of What I Felt

I cry silently, 

Two liquids pool on the floor.

I never want to wake up, I 

Never want to implore

The sadness of my 


The emptiness I am


"Help!" I cry inaudibly

As glinting catches my eye,

My arm cringes,

Knowing the coming nigh.

Across, across, I'm

Scared but willing.

One shut tight blink

And more blood is spilling.

Good God, are you there?

What have I done?

Can anyone see this?

Had depression won?

How will I face my 

Mother's tears?

How will I wake up knowing 

That my father fears?

They fear for my life,

They fear for me.

I offer no console,

I offer no free

From my endless plight.

I suffer myself, torture.

I only want death.

I only want no future. 

Will I ever wake up

From my endless Nothing?

Will my sadness ever 

Stop running

My life? Will I 

Wake up tomorrow?

Why am I asking this?

I need help before 'morrow.

This poem is about: 
My family
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