Ahh! What is Awesome?! What is  Awesome is how a seed grows into a tree and are able to multiply,
And what is awesome is how life can reproduce,
And existence don't cease,
And that there's no end,
And that time is out of our control,
And that age is controlled by time
And that we age.
     Awesome? What's awesome is the food we eat,
And the clothes we wear,
And the rest that we take,
And the suffering that we endure,
And the lessons that we learn,
And the thoughts that we think,
And the personality that we d develop,
And the character that we build.

And what is awesome is there are four seasons,
And there are endless years,
And twelve months in a year,
And 365 days in a year,
And that the rain fall on the earth,
And that the birds fly in the air,
And that the fishes swim in the waters,
And the responsibility of an adult, and the cares of a child,
And what's awesome is that life birth life,
And death has no gain,
And that everyone has a story.

And Ah ! What is  Awesome is that every first letter of each sentence of this poem Until now begins with an "A".
As "A" is the first letter of the Alphabet, 
And I can start to explain what is awesome, 
But there's not enough words in the dictionary and,                                             Certainly not enough letters in the alphabet to completely expound on what is truly awesome, 


And that is AWESOME!

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Our world
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