Awkward Dumpling


Each dumpling is unique: the presentation, the texture, the scent, the taste and the value


Many dumplings follow a common recipe,

a taste enough to satisfy,

a taste of trying to make enough for a living


Some dumplings have a little seasoning to it,

the ones who have a little spice in their lives,

the admirable risk takers


A few dumplings follow a secret recipe,

the ones who conceal themselves from the rest of the world,

but with their distinctive taste and rare scent they’re the valuable ones


Other dumplings are served in bamboo steamers,

the ones who leave the greatest impression,

but underneath their presentation is devastation


And this dumpling is the awkward dumpling.  

I’m the dumpling who’s wrapped around a string of anticipation,

hanging on a ceiling of inspiration

This poem is about: 
My community


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