theres always brighter days!
beyond the horizon can u see its rays?
its coming, are u willing to wait?
Keep in mind, 
perseverance gives ways. 
With time, 
patience is needed thru these days. 
and when calamities strike,
remember to do right.
Cuz moods do go wrong!
When u move, 
stay calm in the heat of the storm,
stay strong like u was just born... 
passion only devastates!
beauty is supposedly in the eye of its beholder,
well then, behold with your eyes the beauties of life, before its all over!
The truth is evident, 
It just needs acceptance.
Baby reach for the heavens,
If u fall short you still be amongst the stars.
Beyond isn't far!
Time flows with it's own current,
Currently the present is what's important,
The past blew by,
The future only comes just to say bye.
In my opinion our only options is to quit sining.
As long as we keep giving in,
To these lil whims, 
We can neva win..... 


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