Babygirl You Are Beautiful


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From the top of your head to the soles of your feet

Baby girl you are beautiful and this you should believe

Don't be confined by the lies of yesterday, look forward to tomorrow, and be glad you made it to today.

Embrace the flaws, the flaws that God gave you.

Sweetheart you bestow what most crave to have. It's natural

Baby girl you are beautiful

That kink has a story. It is you that will give that kink a voice and not the time to worry.

It is not the time to sit around and be sorry and cry about the shape of your face. This is how you were made.

Those curves that give definition with every garment that you slip into.

Baby girl you are beautiful.

Forget about what those niggas say. Sayin' they love you and you're cute but, have you any clue what they really mean?

Take a step back and consider those times that they were mean to you.

Shawty wasn't bang-able until she grew a cup size or two.

Love thine on and then you will see that,

baby girl you are beautiful.

That confusion and hurt it speaks loudly to me.

Seeking for the answers on the internet when everyone is sleep.

Goin' to the doctor just to hear that you're obese

5,2', 140....I have hips, a butt, and thighs.

Take into account that I wasn't made to be 125.

These lies that they drill in me "Girl you needa go on a diet" but, I refuse to compromise to the words of conformity, but it's no surprise that I am beautiful

I wake up everyday with a smile placed on my heart

Thanking God for giving me another chance to fix my bodily edits

Apparently this body wasn't good enough, so i modified it to my liking

but then I realized that designer clothes and piercings were figments of who I could never be.

Without it all, I'm still beautiful

Can someone explain to me, why even after this poem, will I go back and try my best to fit into society.

After all, I am still beautiful.....


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