A Ballad to Saving the Selkies (and Other Myths!)

The marine biologists of Scotland

spend each and every day

tagging seals, cleaning the sea

and keeping poachers at bay.


But they’re really helping selkie folk.

To them, tags are wedding rings

and sealskins moved to labs

are proposals for marrying.


But unlike the days of Celts,

when these bare women find the men

they turn away and run

instead of taking them to their dens.


But with more strange ladies appearing

these exasperated scientists gave in

letting the lasses follow them around

as they study those odd sealskins.


But alas, the story continues!

As all around the world

The guardians of nature

Come back to a dying world.


From trees about to be cut down

Come vengeful nymphs and fae 

From murky, plastic-filled seas

Come mermen and maids in dismay.


While coming from magic origins,

They all appreciate science,

Finding one who disbelieves it

To be more of a nuisance.


So no matter if you are an animal, 

person, or a sort of blend

we all make up the Earth’s ecosystem

and must help each other to stop its end.


This poem is about: 
Our world



This is so lovely! I quite enjoyed the almost lyrical flow of the poem which you employed. This is a great message and I was inspired by how you blended science and legend together, as no one else (to my knowledge) has thought to do that with this prompt! 

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