To Be a Black Girl

To be a black girl is to be the muse without being the painting

To be the brush but not the paint

To be the canvas over the artwork


To be a black girl is to be the bow playing the violin

Yet a violin can never be played without

To be a black girl is to be a performance with no standing ovation,

So you are forced to applaud yourself

To be a black girl is to be the beauty but not the standard


Dear black girl, your skin was loved by the sun so much that it kissed it more

However, the moon loathes your beauty that it shadows it when the sun sleeps

The sun awakens to see your confidence crushed by the envious moon

And bandages all your wounds so your self-worth is be known to you again


Dear black girl, They envy the way your hips are married to the rhythm

Swaying unapologetically, they mock those unable to hear its music

They mask their self-hate with self-praise so you self-hate

They mask their nothingness with undefiable superiority so you feel nothingness


However, you have always held the power black girl

Mankind has forever flourished off of your backbone

Unwilling to acknowledge your sacrifice for it requires reparation

To them, a life for a life is unfathomable, unaware that you selflessly breathe life back into the universe between every tangled hairstring

Unaware that you are both the biblical personification of the alpha and the omega for you breathed life into mankind in the beginning

When you smile you embody the manifestation of royalty glorified

Do not ever let your crown slip due to another

May it only ever slip when you bow before your subjects

For indeed, you are a queen


To be a black girl is to be the muse of your own painting

To be the brush guiding the paint

To be the canvas shaping the artwork


This poem is about: 
Our world


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