To Be Heard

As I approached, her siren song swept my soul

Glances and quick remarks lade our dialog

Clocks wound in our pool of dispute but her tone was cool

I tested the water, tepid and calm, undisturbed untrodden

Hesitant was she to dive

Dismay of the deep kept her from breaching even the surface

I kept my desires at bay

The miles of shoreline binding us decayed

And the tailwinds of emotion thrust us ever closer

We neared the verge of culmination


Masts clashed with hulls and sails

Uncharted bodies of water were traveled

We delved into unusual reflex

The sensations quenched the droughts we never knew existed

Baneful beauty was her stimulant, how her current drew me in

We reigned upon one another

Bodies surging and swelling

Waves wore on shores of skin

Peninsulas of flesh, oceans of love

Tides coiled and crest


But breakers broke and convolution coiled as her point of view quenched my fleeting soul

Then arrived the bashful storm

It crept from the very winds that shaped our adventure

Now it would cast our infatuation into a sea of hesitation

We trashed but couldn't keep afloat

Warily I waited, vigilant yet phobic

The atmosphere blackened and now longing would reign

Bolts of retrospection endure to strike my minds eye

The skyfull static still jars my delusions

Less recurring but willful and sturdy

My shoal is stagnant but depthless is my current

And ceaseless is my languish



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