Be Yourself with Me

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 20:58 -- themc07


"In a land that is full of opportunity,

I only have on true desire.

To write and sing,

and entertain those who admire.

I love to imagine,

The people that I can help,

But not by just saying words,

Cause the words that I say have a deeper meaning.

They scream that I've been there before,

Let me help you pick up your spirits and endure.

Everyone has voice,

If they drown out yours,

Then yell above them,

You have right to be heard.

You can be yourself.

Let no one control who you are.

Is it really true love if they make you change?

No one should stop you for being who you are.

And no one should put you down for being different.

It is better to be an individual who stands proud,

Then to be someone who stands in crowd.

So if I do gain a little bit of fame,

I would not expect many fans for not being in a popular genre,

But I'm not going to change who I am for a little green.

Now and then my message will be the same,

'Stand up for what you believe in,

I'll be the voice to guide you through,

Life sometimes, it can be very difficult,

Just know that I'm always here for you.'

You see this world,

It is kind of like a gun,

I'm going to take it,

Aim it,

And shoot for the stars.

You may not like it,

But I'm going to stay who I am.

I'll have the most respect for you and I'll understand,

If you don't like me for what I say or do,

But you get no respect if you don't like me cause someone told you not to."



I really like this poem. You are a great writer keep up the good work

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