Beaches of the Unknown

The warm waters of summer washed upon the sun kissed sand as the winds began to speed.

The sand dries courtesy of the warm rays of the sun.

The warmth of the water returns to the sand.

The sand begins to feel hatred towards the warm waters of the sea.

What can the sands do to stop this hatred towards its only Counterpart?

The only thing to do is ask the sun to dry the sea, but then will there be a beach for all to enjoy?

There would be no waters for people to swim.

All the life inside would die.

Should the cool summer breeze be stopped so the waves stay away?

Should that be done all for the comfort of the sun kissed sand?


“I don’t know what to do.” said the sand to the glowing sun.

“Listen my sun kissed child, all that can be done is become one with the hatred.” responded the sun.

“But I don’t understand. Why is this my only option? There must be more. There must be. This hatred is too much to bear.”

“I understand my child, but you must do this for the earth.”

Was this act too selfless?

Was it possible to be too selfless?

Was this the right thing to do?

Should that be done all for the comfort of the Generous earth?


The waves started to reach the sands again.

Hatred arose.

“Water, lets make a truce.” said the sands to the water.

“What for there’s nothing wrong?” Responded the waters.

“I’ve been feeling a hatred towards your waves. They constantly flow over me once the sun dries me.”

“That’s a natural thing. So what seems to be the problem with it?”

“The waves are constant. They come right when I dry. Right when the warmth of the sun begins to being apart of me.”

“Their waves are meant to be there to cool you. To warn you of the rays. To subdue them, become one with the coming waves. Feel the cool of the waves rush over, but don’t let them leave you stuck in the cold needing warmth. Then, they will become peaceful.”

That seemed the perfect option to the sands.

The sands believed that this was good for the comfort of all.



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