Fri, 04/11/2014 - 11:10 -- DiFrae

She's an equation you fail to comprehend

She's a language you fail to understand

She makes you wanna leap buildings like Superman

With the impossible, She believes you can

You don't want her but you absolutely need her

You pray to God that she's a keeper

She wipes out your memory of your failures like amnesia

This ain't no hocus pocus

What I'm sayin' ain't bogus

She makes the people with ADD focus

I am paralyzed and motionless

So, babe

let's cut to the chase

Everyday I can't wait to see your face

I'm been tryin' to come up with what to say

But it's just a waste

I can't function without you any day

'Cause you blow me away

You drive me the good kind of cray....


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