Beautiful Things

It’s because I love the orange tint

And hand painted clouds

Dipped in neon pinks and yellows

Over the horizon and seemingly quiet sea

And because I love the feeling of laughter

After a cold spell without even a smile

Because of the way it feels to stretch out in bed

Even after the day has abused me

And thrown refuse at me from all angles

Because of the heartfelt conversation

Of a lost old friend

Or the memories of times past

When I felt the excitement rush through me

Like the warm sea salt wind at dusk

And the hope I can feel that again

It’s because of these

I stay around

When my mind tells me it’s not worth it

When my obligations pile onto me until

I can no longer breathe

When hurtful words penetrate me so deep

That killing my heart seems the only way to relieve it

But because of these things

I stay and fight

To live

And to feel these beautiful things once again


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