Because I Love My Friends So Much

You won’t even grow.

You’ve always got tabs,

You’re trying to sell but your funds are so low.

You’re high when you’re in class,

You might not even pass,

Your parents should know,

About your stash,

You’re only not doing blow,

Because you’re a cheap ass.


Don’t ask me to drop acid, just take a clue.

Because I love you.


You’re bright and you’re smart and quiet and sharp,

But I’m worried for the future.

I’ve all the passion you lack,

The drive to pick up your slack,

The ambition and sight,

You’ve lost overnight.


Please, find something you’ll do,

Because I love you.


You’re the last one I’d expect,

to be doing so well,

Your life hasn’t been wrecked,

And you’re doing swell.

Free time you neglect,

But elsewise you excel.


I hope you break through,

Because I love you.



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