Because I love you

Mon, 10/30/2017 - 23:26 -- hee0005

  Because I love you more than astrologers love the solar system then my love is strong Because I am to love you more than the a mother loves her first born then I am bonded to you like no other Because I am to love you as if the sun never went down and we never saw the moon again then my love is undying Because I am to love as deep as the ocean then it's deeper than you'll ever know Because we are to love as much as a dog to a human then we will never have a boring day  Because I am to love you until the world ends I hope it never does Because we are to love as much as if we never been hurt then we will stupidly in love for forever  Because I am to love you with a hunger like a wolf then I'll never stop hunting and killing to be with you Because I am to feel you warm embrace each day I can live eternities with satisfaction  Because i am to love you in a way only you hear in novels then you will be loved for forever  If we are to ever part you shall never disappear from me for you are inscribed in my deepest memories  Because if I am to fall and you are to catch me then we are both giggling Idiots in a puddle of love  Because If you, my love, are to love as deep as the ocean I will never part Because If you are to love as the astrologers love the solar system then it will be ever lasting  Because If you are to love me as if the world will never end, then I hope I never see the day  Because If you love my smile and giggle like I love your composure when dealing with my bad days then we are like a puzzle and fit perfectly Because If I bore you with my writing yet you still love to listen then you are crazy in love  Because If I am to kiss you the way the sun kisses the earth on spring mornings then you will never feel pain Because if we are to love as much as they speak of love we are together for life Because If soulmates were real then I'd want you to be mine  Because If you are to help me face my fears then I will be by your side no matter what  Because If we are to tie our souls and bodies together for life then we could never see the ugly in the world  Because If I am to love the moon and you the sun then we are opposites but so is yin and yang  Because I am to love you like you love me then we will last for all eternities.  Because my love, my dearest, if  I am to love you as deep as possible then I can never die.

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My family
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