Because I Love You

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 07:34 -- ashjoli

We started out as friends

Just friends

until it became something much more

The way I felt about you, I have never felt about anyone else before

You were so patient, smart and kind

You made me feel safe, beautiful, and wanted

You always made me laugh and smile

Because every moment with you was worthwhile

I could be myself around you and tell you all my secrets

Because I knew you would cherish them and keep it

Sometimes we would argue and fight

Then not talk to eachother for the rest of the night

We would say hurtful things to eachother, even though we didn't mean it

You were sorry for saying those things, I knew because I could feel it

Even when we broke up, on and off again

From time to time

I was still yours and you were still mine

And in the end

We would run back into each other's arms again

Because I love you 

I held you in my heart,my spirit and my dreams

But not everything was as it seemed

Where were you when I needed you the most?

Did you stopped caring, felt ashamed or both?

Even through the lies and mistakes

The pain and heartaches

I forgave you


Because I loved you

I loved you

But I had to let you go

It was for the best

I really thought you were different

thought you were not like the rest

But like I said before

Not everything was as it seemed

Because I loved you

I had to set you free

But it wasn't for you

I did it for me

Because I loved you 

I learned to love myself more

I loved you

But I still love me more

I love me

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