Because I Love You


you cheated

in the game of love.

you played me like a fool.

you made me happy,

did she make you happier?


i wasn’t guilty in this case,

but you still blamed me.

you played the victim.
you said:

“you just made yourself distant.

please take me back.”

why would i ever do that?

after all the lies and deceit.

“because i love you…

i promise it won’t happen again.”

i fall for it

i try and try to reconcile

because i loved you.


but i finally crack..

i cut you out of me.

you were in my lungs

in my heart

and in my brain

like a game of operation

i picked every piece of you out.


i am finally free.

it took a few months

but now i am back in love.

he is the love of my life,

my soulmate.

he treats me like a princess.

he kisses my hand,

looks into my eyes,

smiles a goofy grin,

loves me for who i am.

all the things you couldn’t do.


why do you stare at me

that way? i ask.

“because i love you.

i am just admiring your beauty.”

love should be this.

love should be mutual

and it should be thoughtful.

love is putting

someone else’s feelings

before your own.





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