Because I love you...

You say:

don’t do that 

Don’t say that 

Don’t act like that 

So I ask Why?  

Your answer: 

Because you're acting stupid 

Because you sound dumb 

Because you're embarrassing yourself 

You then say:

Did I hurt your feelings?

You're being too sensitive 

I’m just looking out for you because I love you 

I love you okay?

I said I love you why are you still mad?

What's wrong with you?

Your overreacting 

It’s really your fault 

Come on I love you 

I’m only saying this because I love you 

I didn’t want you to embarrass me I mean yourself - you said 

I know that love shouldn’t be like this 

I love you, doesn’t mean I’m sorry 

I love you, doesn’t make everything ok 

I love you should mean I love you 

I love you means I care about you 

That I’d take a bullet for you 

It means you like me, you really like me for me 

That’s what I love you means 

And saying ”because I love you” isn’t going to magically fix everything because that’s not love 

I deserve someone who understands the meaning of I love you

I deserve better 

You don’t deserve me 


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