Because I love you

Because I love you

I will always find happiness in you, I will encounter joy in every little thing we do

and comfort in every smile given to me.

Because yo te amo

You will have a spot in my heart even after years have passed; when my hair has turned grey

and my eyes look moonlight argent.

Because io ti amo

I will cherish every moment we share together, every single tear, smile and argument ‘till my last days.

Because ja cię kocham

I will never hate you, never loathe you, and never abhor you.

Because mi amas vin

I will try hard to never hurt you intentionally, I will fight every spiteful comment from ever leaving my mouth

and every repulsive look from ever be sent in your direction.

Because je t’aime

I will stand by you in moments of difficulty,  I will fight by your side the battles of life

and we will walk together through rocky paths.

Because Σ 'αγαπώ

I will put your real needs before mine, I will keep you company while you cry

and do my best to ease the anguish that torments you.

Because ich liebe dich

I will defend you when you can't defend yourself, I will be your shield and you will be your own sword,

I will be  whatever you need me to be in the moments where you see nothing but darkness.

Because Я люблю тебя

I will be the rock who supports you in your moments of weakness, I will advice you in your moments of doubt

and i won't, by any means leave you in the depressive hands loneliness.

Because Jag älskar dig

I will forgive even your most horrific acts against me, I will forgive your scornful words that roll out of your tongue

and the disdainful looks sent in my way.

Because eu te amo

I will pardon you but I won't forget; because I do love you but I have to love myself first.


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