Because I love you

Head hanging over the toilet

as your body rejects all hope of living

When I said I loved every cell of your being

I lied.

I do not like this cell that stole your show

your smile. your laugh. your hair. you.

I do not like seeing the sickness progress

because I love you

I do not like the skeleton on the ground

sobbing for a miracle

I do not like the lifeless body once belonging to me

now the slave of a master with no cure


because I love you

I will rub your back

say a prayer

and not leave your side

because I love you 

When my fears become a reality 

I will hold your hand

and say g o o d b y e

all because I love you. 




This poem is about: 
My family



I really love this, I hope this wins the slam. Thank you for writing. 

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