Because We Love Each Other

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 14:38 -- mme476

Being with me through the hard times

Through the frightening nights

Being with me when I’m happiest

Sharing laughter and smiles

Because you love me


You are my shoulder to cry on

I need your support and care

With you is when I’m happiest

You always seem to be there

Because you love me


But I realize that you need me too

You need my love and care

I’ll support you through it all

I’ll always be there

Because I love you


I’ll be with you when you’re worried

I’ll be with you when you smile

I’ll be with you when you break down

I’ll be with you when you need me

Because I love you


We’ll be there for each other

Always loving endlessly

We’ll care for one other forever

And go through life side by side

Because we love each other