Imprinted, upon every member of society from early childhood on 

There is no way of escaping  

 You have been programmed  



        Touched up 



To remember - you  are less of a person than those around you 


                 But why


should I feel anyless of a woman, a living human being because of the way that I Look

Or the way that I Talk

Or the way that I Walk

 Or any other way that I behave....


It took me 9 years to build up the courage to look into the mirror and be satified with what I saw

 It took another 9 for me to be able to love what I see today...


So who are you to tell me that I am less

Nothing or even a something because I lack the

Look and the Moral


Maybe its you who needs to learn to behave...


This poem is about: 
Our world



Strong Powerful and Deep!

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