Behind Closed Doors


Those private thoughts 
The hate the scars 
Either mental or physical
Those are your battle scars 
For the battles you won 

Those nights you took it to god
Instead of your mind 
The hateful mind that tells you those awful things 
When god gave you the comfort and strength to go on

Behind closed doors is where you are the person you never want anyone to see 
But don't worry because 
Those people that tell you 
Those awful things 
Those things that create that person behind closed doors 
That mirror that create that person behind closed doors 

Turn to god when that person comes out 
When no ones looking, be strong 
Be beautiful because god made you 
Those moments when your week but you don't let that person pull you down
you won that battle be proud 

Because that person behind closed doors 
Isn't you 


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