Behind Closed Doors


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He tells me im always going to belong

to him and only him and doesnt care 

if i moved on hes going to kill him

I shed tears on my pillow trying to come up

with away to get away from him

I loved this man at one point in my life now i cant stand him

i spent 6 in a half years of my life thinking he was the one for me

Now i feel numb but empty

He makes me do things i dont want to when it comes to sex

he threatens to kill me or cause bodily harm by taking it from me

I dont understand why 

He's Hurting me

Everytime he comes around we seem like the perfect match

almost like we understood

each other but it was never like that

I'm always uncomfortable and afraid speaking

my mind gotten me yelled at everyday

Talking down on me was his speciality

when it came to me excelling in school

He made me feel worthless but stupid

as if on one would want me

got me questioning myself as if something was truly wrong with me

like am i ugly?

Whats so wrong with having a brain ?

This is not the man i love he is insane

He claims to love me but im constantly hurting

He promised to love me and give me the world

Honestly he's like night and day one minute we arguing

then hes begging me to stay

Just when i thought i could relax and be free

He constantly calling me 

threatening to harm me

Being trapped in his twisted mind giving him more valuable time

Do i give him what he wants by giving in to his sexual needs

even if it makes me feel dirty

or keep running from his madness

Hoping for a ending 




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