Behind The Curtain

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 16:49 -- JACOPPS


A dream shines deep behind my eyes

A hope to be held in eternity

Not as fair as snow

Nor even sweet as any sugar

Not graceful as a ship upon the sea

But rather to be as kind

As a sunflower seems to be

What a simple dream it seems to me

But still I hope to never be unloved

As a crows cawing would ever be

Yet never would I show this side

Instead I hide behind a sigh

A hard stare without uncertainty

Kept behind that dark red curtain

That is where few will find me

Yet now and again as a tempting wind blows

As sunshine and laughter are for all to hold

The curtain flutters to the side

Perchance to allow me a sight

So perchance a hand might reach me

As my friends catch me dreaming

I allow with a sigh the curtain to rise

Such it is without anxiety

My friends or foe might see it

All that really is in my eye

Is but a dream of a sunflower’s yearning


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