Behind the Mask

wHAt 15 P3rf3(T?

PErf3Ct 1s m3.

wHI dO y0u sA I)aT?

IIMp3rfet10n i5 gO0d.

h0W Is iT G00d?

bE(Au53 iT I5 normal.

Y i5 1t normal?

b3(aU53 n0b0Dii 15 p3Rf3(T.

iF n060D4 i5 P3rFe(T, h0W R3 u P3rf3cT?

1F n0BOdii iis p3rFcT, HOw m 3y3 n0T?

i DoN'1 nD3rsTnd.

I am nobody.


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