Behind The Mask (Slam)


You think you know me

all too well

But in reality

You don't know me at all

You don't know the real me at all.


Behind the fake smile

You would find a million tears

I cried.

A Fatherless child on her knees

begging to be seen and heard

From a ticking time bomb to laying on the floor wishing it would end.

My life a living hell.

Yet I act like everything is fine.


Behind the mask

You find many battle scars

from what life threw at me

Many were bitter defeats.

Did you know I had Bulimia?

Did you know I tried Suicide?

Did you know I used to cut myself?

Course you didn't.

You were busy putting me down

You were busy telling me how selfish I am for trying to reach for help.




You expect me to be a perfect daughter

God Damn It I'm not perfect

I'm trying but trying is not good enough for you.


Look into my eyes into my heart

Do you see a perfect heart?

No you don't my heart has 

been shattered for many fucking years.


How do you like me now?

The real me is a passionate poet and musician with a lot of love to give.

I'm not the doll you expect me to be.


I'm Only Human.




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