Being Dr.Delmas would change

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 12:06 -- Kayyy

Being Dr.Delmas would change my life


That Doctor you wanted to be improved someones health.

That fire your dad fought ,saved someones life.

That burger you served, feed someone who hadn’t eaten all day .

That medicine the pharmacist prescribed your son made him sleep better through the night.

And me those notes I’ll take the, the commitment I put forth the loyalty I’ll give my clients makes them feel at home, their secrets I’ll keep makes me the pages of their diary, the tears they’ll shed I’ll be there to wipe them away,

that best friend you never had to confide in will be Dr.Delmas, if you let me

those mixed emotions you can’t put a name on, Dr.delmas calls them right out and she relates,

It feels as though you've known her your whole life,

She’s waited all her life to make in impact on yours

Dr.Delmas your future psychologists will not only change my life, but maybe one day she’ll have an impact on your life as well



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