Believeing They Don't Matter

Nothing is sadder than someone thinking- No! Believing they don't matter.

You don't see it just to look,

Can't tell what of her was took,

Not for lack of love.

She is surrounded with it. 

Edging away bit by bit,

Beleiving not a single word of the warm praises,

Not seeing any of the fire of it on their faces.

Places she runs to repeat...repeat...repeat

Running to them with already tired feet.

Sheet down over her eyes

So she won't see preceived lies.

Skies of blue, seas of green.

Still trying to decipher what they really mean.

Seen as brave, strong, and proud.

Little do they know she's lost in the crowd.

Loud words that don't say what she wants,

The quiet ones just stay in their haunts. 

What's she supposed to do?

Theu won't see right through.

Don't notice what she trys to portray,

But the looks that simply betray 

nothing at all.

There she goes she f




All fall down..








Will she, won't she drown...drown...drown

Not a sound is real.

Doesn't trust the feel-...

The words they steal

,and she does too,

The original won't shine through.

you see

Nothing is sadder than someone believeing they don't matter.



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