Beneath The Surface


Beneath The Surface I hide myself

For above these waters I am forbidden

Swimming cautiously, it is cold yet calm

So safe and secure where I stay hidden


You cannot see my saddened face

Nor the tears that pour each night

You do not know my troubled past

Nor the wrongs that seemed so right


You can never be mine if you remain in the dark

But without you I will never be complete

I do not want to live this lie anymore

Drowning in this flood of deceit


It is time to find the strength I hold within

And reveal the girl you have longed to see

I am going to lift my head above these waters

My eyes on you and your eyes on me


Absolutely nothing can contain my smile now

I take a deep breath and gaze into the ocean so blue

Then I glide to the surface, fearless and free

Finally I will show my true self to you


The sun instantly gleamed and lit up the world

It was like diamonds were falling from the sky

My long waves delicately fell down my shoulders

While my wide blue-green eyes awaited your reply


To my surprise you did not turn away

You called me beautiful and took my hand

We drifted away together, side by side

As the new chapter of our lives began



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