Beware (Finding the Essence of a Woman (II))

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 18:48 -- Satacey


Beware the sister rose.

Having a form of beauty yet denying the power thereof,

she walks. Cautiously. Deserting her bountiful claim in the world,

she projects the earth’s higher abundance above herself;

broke the scales so she could be last.

Sitting,-chained up and blocked out to the

secrets of her smile

Her sound still brings life;

Her light far surpasses the fluorescent. Ultra. Violently,

she raises the strength of those around her by deliberately

decimating her own.


She gives,

a million times over;

gave until her back teetered from the mass support lines

etched in her heart.


So He gave her wings

planted the seeds within her petals,anointed

that her surrender

would be her flight


Stooped over, she balances

allowing stem decay so that the reflection of God’s image

may be sensed through her petals:

His blood in her sacrifice.


His blood blooming

Till she became wings.

Each planted petal anointed

so her surrender would make her ere borne.


Even in decay, she adorns the very wall she touches.

Ballerina, she derives delicacy from the exacting

gentle grace even in her strength;

A finishing piece.


Beauty in struggle beautiful struggles make runes

of light twinkling fractured like

a multifaceted stone.

Beautiful. Self-credited but doesn’t know her worth-

beware the sister, she rose.

She gives where she takes;

She lives where shes decayed. Flesh crucified,

She decided to live by Christ by bowing

low and looking always...high.

She represents my sisters.

She represents me.



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