Big Blue Eyes

Thu, 03/05/2015 - 11:43 -- lnp3216

I have always had

Big Blue Eyes.

There are other parts of me

that aren’t so grand, but

my eyes

are wonderful.

Within them, I can see

Not just blue,

But green and gray

and flecks of gold.

These eyes are the

orbs that look back at me

in fondness

from old photographs.

This gives them a sense of authenticity.

For they are an artwork

unto themselves.

They do not require any sort of approval

to validate their beauty.

These Big Blue Eyes see the world

as it is.

They see the flaws.

They see the wonderful mosaic of color.

To this masterpiece,

my Big Blue Eyes add their tile.

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This poem is something that I have been trying to express for a long time now, and this scholarship prompt finally gave me the words to accomplish it.

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