Big Girl Things

Wed, 06/19/2019 - 22:41 -- Ticey

A 1,454 ft tall building
A 305 ft tall statue
A 277 ft tall bridge
To see these things are breathtaking sights
But to see a girl
only 5 ft something
You feel she’s towering over you
So she became hunchback
Never standing tall
Trying to comfort you
But it’s too late she’s become a giant like Goliath
But you have gathered your insults and catapulted them towards her

She was ashamed to be something she couldn’t change


She is learning to a beastly beauty in her own right

Only seeking approval for herself now

Not to be arrogant but to show herself how

These divine 5-------9 inches

Can still be someones shortie

But most of all she can be me

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