My mind can be profound,

beautiful, mystical and

 intellegent when I am not

around judement or stereotypes.


The shakles, chains, and iron

ball are removed when I am

amoung myself but have no one

to share it with.


So my mind is limited to

myself and the arts. They

weaken the weakest links and

remove my binds little by

little but the judegement

and jealousy comes like

a prison warden and

replace the shakles, chains

and ball of iron. 


Mainstream stereotypes are

placed infront of me on a

siliver plate but I refuse to consume

it and consumed by it.


The walls of my cell are grey

and cracked. Treated cruelly for

its endurance and will then stay

unchanged. The floor seeps

with posion on which I walk

but I am not affected. Why? My

bed is full of color and life

the only place were my mind has

no binds, forbiebien zones or

boundries. Were cruelty, intolorance,

jealousy, greed, stereotypes and

judgement of others can not posion 

my feet, hands and mind.


Were I can share my mind

with everyone but no one.

Were there are no shackles,

chains and ball of ironto

bind the fullness of my

complex mind. Were there are

no binds to subdue to

act like a herd or not like

myself. Only if my bed was 

the world, we could all get

rid of the binds we put on ourselves

and live and think as we

could, as we should,

free and without binds.


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