The piano sits in the living room

begging me to play an endless tune.

But my mind inside me booms

saying "why doubt so soon?

Music isn't that great,

remember Math is what pays,

Don't forget to Integrate.

But the piano suddenly says 

"Listen to the heart 

it's all about the passion 

forget that mind

it's only a distraction!"

I don't know what to do

the room spirals around 

I don't know what to do. 

My minds telling me stop 

but my hearts telling me play.

The piano begins to sob

as I think of that job. 

Biomedical engineers are what's up, 

but is it worth to give all the music up?

My mind thinks about the power to create

and begins to grow 

with a future that awaits. 

A cage is opening 

for that piano to lay,

where every now and then 

I can enjoy and play. 

My mind won the war, 

but I have no fear.

My life will change

as a biomedical engineer. 




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