Birthing Babies with SpokenReasons

Is it spoken word for me? Or spoken reasonsBecause he inspires me,He's one of the reason I'm even speaking,  His words spoke like wind Flowing harmless within,I can't seem to break my focus because he won't let go of my attention All I could do is think of the words,His poetry was as if my situation and his mind birth a baby of their ownAnd that mothers love wasn't left to gaze nor roam,But it was given a utopia in my heart,Me and those words had a love that couldn't ever part,Before I knew it I was grown About to move out on my own And making a tone for my own spoken reasons,Making families out of anybody that was willing to hear what your girl had to say,And even making babies with people's minds from day to day I could not stop, It was my spa,It was my best friend,It let me speak and gave me confidence, To say my feelings however I wanted with my own personal flow Me and poetry have been in a relationship ever since I started to grow,No first love could ever be better than A connection that allows the words from my soul to be spilt in such a special way, I don't call it spoken word But is shall be spoken reasons because he was the start of my own season

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