What’s the fascination with BLACK? My first answer was, “ Just cause I like it.” Then I started thinking, “ Why am I fascinated with this color?” Why do I like this hue that is hard to see and has such negative connotations? I


look in the mirror and although I already knew this I noticed I’m BLACK. I am this word that is used to describe almost anything wicked in American society. To America Black is not simply a color it’s an affliction of inferiority, see BLACK is placed in chains, locked behind bars, tazed, and unlawfully executed while being questionably  prosecuted. BLACK has not been the color to be since 1776 and we are halfway to 2016 and I feel like I’m committing a crime every time I walk out of my front door. I pray I don’t end up like Traevon, shit, I pray my kids and my kid’s kids don’t end up like Traevon, cause racism may never end.

But lets fade back to BLACK and my apparent fixation with this color. I think I am fascinated because I feel my complection running through my blood. I’ve done my research BLACK has more than just negative connotations. Have you ever looked at the etomology of the word? BLACK comes from the word niger meaning brilliant and full of luster. I am brilliant and BLACK and when I look to the world I see nothing but brilliant blacks. I guess that’s why we are branded as negro. Wait i dont just want to be another negro. I want to be NEGUS shout out Obama, my president is BLACK.

So I hold my head high and lift my fist to the sky with pride and humility. My BLACK AMERICAN heritage is showing 24/7 from my clothing to my skin. Shout out to the BLACK Panther Party, you taught me to defend me, and me is BLACK!

Now to the friend that ask what is my fascination with BLACK! I love BLACK! BLACK is the color of my skin, my hair my favorite shirt, and my favorite pair of Nike kicks! My soul is BLACK. Every woman I’ve ever loved is BLACK, this notebook is BLACK. If it were possible my kush would be BLACK, and I believe my GOD is BLACK ‘cause he created me in his image and I’m BLACK. This is why I am fascinated with  the color BLACK.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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