Black America

Yes! People hear these rumors that black people are ghetto, poor, stupid, and just plain old UNEDUCATED.

Because of our skin color, we get judged.

Because of our hair, we get called bald. It’s always this and that, we are always someone’s main target.

Our people get shot, because the cops think it’s right for them and wrong for us.

People say we can’t get into colleges because we are black

. Our men get told that all they do is sell drugs, sag, and go to prison.

Our women got told that all they do is get pregnant and go on to the next.

Our children get told that they are weak and dumb.

But, in reality, all of us are smart, educated, and will become the head of each thing in America. Our Men will be out of prison, not selling drugs, not sagging, and not on the street. Instead, they will be at church, or having a career, caring for their families.

Our Women will be our next successors in life, and our children, will be the best things that have ever happened to America.

We have to tell our children this, You don’t live life to be someone else, You are living life to be yourself. You can only be you. Tell other people that you are living beautiful.

We are so used to people telling us what we do wrong.

But, what they don’t realize is that we were slaves for them and they didn’t want us to be leaders of the world, so they never gave us an education to learn.

This is where Harriet Tubman came in with the underground railroad. Our other leaders, such as Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for civil rights, and the African American movement, Rosa Parks, who let us sit in the back of the bus, and Barack Obama, who was the dream of it all and we realized it was okay to be whoever, they all made it possible for African American to have a say in things.

This is what you call the power of Black America.


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My community
My country
Our world
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