Black Bouquet ft Blk Addum

Shaun Po

shallow masquerade following a killers way,
exercising the right to not pay a bill today,
mamma curled over as I cry on the tear-less shoulder,
emotionless as I dress in blend-able clothes,
dip in a hoe pounding depression the trend-able told,
but the stress still unsold as I bare its cold,
the only person that understood me whole,
its now heartless endeavors that I console,
gripping flowers that the reaper surely cannot hold,
analogies for the way I wake up in the earlier morn....


Blk Addum

slow trembles through this nimble maze,
some see it a phase the gloom that I praise,
daddy hurled over the ledge made to stay,
animated me as I watch his body stiff and lay,
orphan donor turned stoner my life in disarray,
the body of a stripper as long as you tip her keeps stress astray,
but this world the heavens rebuke because of its dismantled state,
all to hell in a handbag just for craving steak,
picking pedals that the reaper surely can't basket shake,
analogies for the way the world has made me ache....


_Shaun Poet


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