Black Skin


By Stanley Collymore


Ridiculed and scorned it was you

that gave me the inspiration

to carry on – for in their

intense hatred of you,

your enemies also

revealed their

innate fear

of you!


© Stanley V. Collymore

31 July 2001.


Author’s Remarks:

The cancer of racism is all too real; for it not only pervades the body politics of every western nation but it’s also endemically infused into the societal structure of these countries’ populace as well, and deeply and fearfully regretted it’s the Black Skin Colour that is foremost among those that is enforcedly made to take most of the flax coming from this mind bogglingly stupid, ill-conceived, invariably nonsensically informed, but all the same wholly intentional vilification exemplified by as well as racially spewed out by significantly and, not uncommonly so, very powerful and highly influential elements within the offending countries and societies concerned.

All the more bizarre, ill-advised and idiotic since for anyone to seriously think that the only requisite criterion for life is to have what’s blatantly and highly subjectively perceived by some as the right skin colour and absolutely nothing else, and if that’s not the case then the non-possession of this specified skin colour should and ought necessarily to be a natural catalyst for these protagonists insane prejudices, just goes to show how intensely sick some people and the societies that spawn them actually are!

Should education and forgiveness be the antidote to this poisonous folly? Perhaps; but only if those involved in it are unconditionally and apologetically contrite and furthermore are willing and prepared to mend their racist and even murdering ways, for other than doing so I can’t possible see how there could ever be a beneficial meeting of minds between these two opposing factions.

For while being a staunch practising but nevertheless an unambiguously unapologetically pragmatic Christian myself I readily and freely admit to the irrefutable fact that I’m not in the least and never have been partial to what the Bible, or those who interpret it as such, specifies as turning the other cheek. Since extensive observation of others and even on occasions my own personal encounters in this regard have decisively taught me that the world being what it is, if one rather ill-advisedly, having metaphorically or even quite literally been punched on the cheek, were to then in an appeasing gesture of friendship and forgiveness offer up the other cheek there are more than enough moronically sick bastards around who’d take full advantage of this and knock the living shits out of the proffered cheek as well. And it’s not simply individuals who are adept at doing this; countries, and habitually some of the most powerful ones in the world, are too. And I don’t have to tell you who they are, since their actions unquestionably speak for themselves!


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