A frozen heart I had, until you shined a light towards my reach

On the day of eclipse, a motionless heart was harden

The warmth of your breath, waves through my frozen beach

A restless night, at the beginning of our forever in the corner of the garden

Innocent lips along the ocean, a pink cheeks lies beyond the sky

Days further away from the dawn, we set on the time of curse

Observe the galaxies as we doze away, gleaming in your eyes

Against reality as I am a sun among the universe  

But forever won’t last long enough, ray of light appeal

A sight of exquisite sunset, a bitter truth of apart

Shine at last, sinked into a black hole as my past reveal

Sins I had done, in my starless heart

Tears on her cheeks, drops from a cliff where I flew apart

Our Forever stayed on the frozen rock as Autumn Imparts


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