Blazing Beauty

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 14:42 -- ecimase

Blazing beauty, crimson rose

Together forever? Who really knows?

My love for you blossoms

Your eyes are twinkling stars

Your warm, welcoming bosom

And to you, I give my heart

A girl like you is truly rare

Lose you, I grieve and despair

Graceful, as a snow white dove

One gift to you is my love

May our fates be intertwined

With your company so divine

You really are unique

All the qualities that I seek

To be with you, I yearn

But your love, I must earn

I fly so high in the sky

And get lost, gazing in your eyes

I am jealous of your heart of gold

And your perfect, selfless soul

Always in such utter bliss

Dreaming of that perfect kiss

Hard to express just how I feel

These emotions, I know are real

The journey is certainly hard

But my love will take me far

Your smile has a lustrious shine

On you calm self, all the time

More dignity than even the Czar

More beautiful than the midnight stars

For now, I only desire

That your passion burns hot like fire

My love for you burns wild

Someone I finally got to know

All things imposed, worth while

And now I love you more

Until death do us part

Yet remain in eachother's heart

You're my blazing beauty, crimson rose

Together forever? I wish, I hope!


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