Blind Man


This handsome Blind man says

Only me in my world

Only I can see my world
U can't c my world
Only I can c my world

Only I could heed my thought

Only u could c my worst.
Am not that worst I could feel the beautiful touch
I could feel it before you touch

Please help me If I might fall
Not that I don't know what's in the case
Or the flower in the vase
Not that I dint understand the message in the verse.
If u give me a ball am sure i'll pass.

So Nothing is different about u and I.
I can even write a better letter i .

But The only beign I dislike so much is just a Tree.

Am just this Handsome Blind Man
That's what he told me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Muhammad Quadri Hossein


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