blissful romantic kiss

everyday since our first kiss, i sit alone and reminisce, how your love quite took me by

surprise. i dial your number on the phone steady ringing you're not home, and if you're listening

to this message, girl i'm calling cause i'm falling for you, and i just can't help myself baby

i'm falling.

your skin is pure like milk, and your body is like 100% silk.

words can express how a man feel, and being with you make my heart conceal.

now that i realize you told me to go back to school, now i realize the person i hurt was

me the fool.

this is the realist thing i've ever spoke, and that's why i'm writing you this love note.

losing you is like losing myself, and that's why i love you more than my health.

i'll love and treat you like a lady, and you will always, always be my baby.

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i hope and pray that i succeed in doing poetry, which would be hopefully soon...