Blood Moon

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 16:27 -- Heart16


United States
43° 2' 10.7268" N, 87° 59' 23.7192" W

I still am lost in the wonder of its beauty

So sweet it is

As it just lays there

Deep in red valor


I want nothing more

Than to freeze this time

This time that is sacred and rare

A time I held for you


But you are not near

You are still a far

We cannot talk

And we cannot touch


There is a barrier

Keeping us from being

More strong than any superstition

A power non understanding itself


It fades darker as the moon hides

Lunar eclipse that only we can see

I'm so very sad that I lost you there

Never to see or hear from you again


It’s growing near its end now

And the blood starts draining out

It seems to parallel my feelings

My hope, my doubt


I lost faith and love

And even myself

No beauty can hide me of this

No love can heal me now


I am bleeding

And no one sees

Only certain special people

Seem to care and see


I am sick

And am different

Abnormal you see

Something very similar


The sky grows more dark

And the moon seems to fade

My spirit giving up almost

Just a flicker of life


I feel the tears stream down

As I fear this of myself

I want nothing more to help it

Be there and guide it


I want to escape like the moon

I want to run so fast no one can see

The beauty will come later

When no one wants to see


I stare up seeing all

Lost of everything

I hurt inside and cry

Knowing I am the same


Tears keep flowing

I wonder who all cares!

Who all is missing this?

Who knows and doesn’t care?


The moon fades back to normal

To the sight everyone is used to

It has to change and hide its beauty

That way no one can hurt it


I cry. There is not left to do one thing

I sing. Forgetting that I am not well

I hurt. My heart aches and I am lonely

I smile. Knowing that I just saw the blood


Nothing can hold me

Nothing can stop me

I am of myself

Becoming what no one knows or sees


The blood fills me up

And I forget to say goodbye

I lose myself in a world nonexistent

And fall. Fall deep into the blood


The blood that brought pain

The blood that brought shame

The blood that seems to haunt me

The blood that will forever be mine


It is gone as quickly as it came

And my breathing fades back into nonexistence

The tears keep falling

From beauty and from sadness


I wish I was there

I want to be there

I long to be something

And be so admired


I am the blood that fills in the moon

I am the stench that no one sees

I am the person that will be strong

I am the one to bring strength and healing


Only certain special ones

Can see the beauty that I see

Only they can see the beauty behind blood

I am searching for this person


The only one who can see me

The only one that cares

I search but never find

I sigh and know that nothing will come


The brightness comes back

And soon no one will ever be able to tell

The beauty that is hidden

From everything and everyone


The beauty that goes unseen

Is the beauty that’s worth finding

The blood that lasts and brings life

Is the blood worth searching for


My life is a search

A constant struggle of beauty

As my blood drains out

I become what they want me to be


The glow is shining now

Overtaking the blood and moon

As it grows the beauty disappears

And everyone is missing it

All have gone away


The pure white

Takes over

The dirty red

Washing, cleansing one might say


And the tears keep falling

I have lost my voice

How is it that something like this

Is something that is and becomes me?


The symbolism of blood

And the Holy white on a special day

Yes. It can take my blood away

It can clean me of this horror


The red. The hurt. The trauma.

All the bad and not the good

It all floods back

Overtaken. Overwhelmed.


It is a power

A force controlling me

It took me over

Eating me and everything good inside


This sickness

This fright and fear

And death is so very near

The blood is the thing


The blood is to wash me

Cleanse me of these things

The color that stains

And brings me distress


I lose and die

I stop fighting and die

They have killed me

They are the ones guilty of this deed


The ones who have hurt me

And those who cannot see

Blind to the beauty that I see

And they haunt me


They follow me

Draining my blood

And using it for them

Stealing my beauty and destroying their own


What a horrid thought

What a nasty sight

I want to inject them

Give them the pain they caused


The blood is numbing

Only there for a moment

If one is not watching

No one can see it


The beauty I see lies deeper than this

The beauty I need is the heart and the mind

I will not back down

I will hold my ground


The beauty in blood

That no one sees

The blood that brings pain

And misery


The truth is as faced

The hurt is not healed

And the pain is revisited

Masked over, sealed


I cry out of pain

And of happiness

And hate

How can such love and beauty bring pain and hate?


I want nothing else

But to drop and forget

No. I can’t. This is me.

This pain is my life now



The blood in the moon is the soul in myself

Beauty unseen and undescribed


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