Blood Transference (Part II)


My head is swaying
I'm getting dizzy
I feel the blood rush out from beneath me
I see the lights theyre getting dimmer
Fading into blackness
I know that this is the end
How can I fight this

Oh please! Get Up
Get The Fuck Up
Stumble up on your fucking feet
They will not have you
Don't give in to defeat

Crawling around on the bathroom floor
I can't promise I wont do this anymore
Trying to find my strength
My thoughts are the only restraint
Screaming words of hatred
Oh god i'll never make it

Get up Get up
Get off your fucking knees
Block out the hatred stand on your fucking feet
This is your life don't you understand
Lose yourself now youll let them win
Hurry up your running out of time
Hurry up before the life runs out your eyes

This is my judgment day
Me against myself
In blood I shall repay


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