Bonded By Past


The love of a brother,

One that can never be replaced

It can only be cherish as the memories we build

Our love helped us overcome the obstacles put upon us

Without each other’s support and comfort

Our uprising would’ve been a living hell


A living hell full of rejection, abused and violence

As for you, rejection wound you for life

The emptiness of a mother’s love is what brought us together

To such rejection came the closure of our kinship

Abused is what was given to you by your trouble drunk father

Which was followed with a childhood full of violence


As for me, same can be said about the life I was born into

Raised by two loving parents, yet we both know what truly went about

An alcoholic father, too many drinks was never too much

Too many punches was never too satisfying

Unaware of the consequence brought upon me

The nightmares given to me for what I had to witness


Not only was our childhood a living hell, but traumatizing too

Living under a roof with the only person that understood us

Soon to be lost in hope and to such terrifying tragedy

Her minor set back is what made us strong to overcome life

Too ignore all bad no matter what and to move forward


We were to focused on the few normal childhood memories we had

To externalized those memories and suppress the horrible memories

And what better way, than through our love and art

Our love for each other is what kept us in hope

And art is what sooth our anger, sadness and helpless selves

But we must never forget those great moments

For we were and still are lucky enough to experience happiness


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