Books are a journey

A pathway through many a world unseen,

from guns and roses to swords and knights.

The characters are good but can never seem to stay clean,

experiencing from love to frights.


With characters that we can relate

One could be Harry or Percy or Clary,

One could be small or big, meek or scary.

From Mordor to England to Narnia and back

No shortage of beauty these stories will lack.


Changed a kid’s life

Gave me an imagination of my own,

To create and break and erase and clone.

Helped me create world’s with just a stick and a backyard,

even helped bring to life a simple trading card.


Helped me even envision this…

Thrust into battle with a flaming sword.

Middle of the arena hear the crowd roar.

Monsters and villains rising up from the floor.

First blood spilled the crowd yells for more.

Swing my sword of fire.

Jet black armor glistens in the sun.

The minotaur roars in defiance at the sight of his funeral pyre.

Its minions look at me and then whisper “Run.”

I rise with white as snow wings unfurling.

I flap once and I’m 20 feet up in the air.

I angle down and dive screeching like a crow.

The enemy disintegrates, the crowd is out of their seats.

The Minotaur and I turn and  face each other.

We both want the other to burn in the pyre.

He salutes, I bow, one last sign of violent respect.

Filled with fury, my sword burns even brighter.

He roars and charges, and I charge back.

We clash.

To be continued…


To be continued…

These three words hated, oh so much.

The frustration is real, so angry I’m hot to the touch.

Those words leave a reader without a crutch.

My imagination now begins to burn with a certainly not canon sequel.


Captain Anarkey

I love books. Books will never leave me.

Shadya Essaili

Wow!  Such enthusiasm towards the power of words in literature.  Quite a rhyme master as well.  

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